The Centre for Wireless Communications

The Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) RF group studies various research aspects of radio engineering from RF architectures to antennas and integrated circuits including experimental setups from radio channels to RF transceivers. 

In the research, we seek solutions for overcoming the bottleneck for extremely high data rates in future digital processing and especially in 6G-related research look for physical boundaries towards upper mmW and THz frequencies.

The group aims to solve electromagnetic challenges in radio frequency communication by utilizing new concepts of integrated phased arrays, their electrical components from antennas to integrated circuits, multibeam lens antenna systems, RIS and the near-field communication of the extremely large antenna arrays.

Most of the research is proven with experimental setups in the lab facilities reaching frequencies up to and above 300GHz.

The Centre for Wireless Communications

The Microelectronics Research Unit

Key enablers and scientific breakthroughs

6G radio architecture

We have performed theoretical studies on link and component level analyses combined with and practical implementations to find optimal RF architectures for 6G radios.

Lab proven RF IPs (selected examples)

5G radio transceivers for 15 GHz and 5G mmW (FR2); 300GHz amplifiers and phase shifters implemented and tested (SiGe).

6G radio measurements

Our RF laboratory equipment support future 6G modulated signal measurements both conducted and radiating up to 330 GHz.

Antenna development

Various antenna designs spanning from GHz range to 300 GHz including wearable, antenna arrays, base and mobile station and on-chip antennas

Radio channels

Channel measurements and modelling performed from GHz range to 300 GHz.

Over the air (OTA)

The RF team has long experience on OTA and antenna testing; radiated measurements of first 6G radio components performed.

Prof. Aarno Pärssinen

Radio Technologies
Center of Wireless Communications

Prof. Heli Jantunen

The Centre for Wireless Communications