Devices & Things

Hardware Ecosystem of Excellence

The Devices and Things research ecosystem home is at the University of Oulu. It creates fundamental and applied hardware technologies used every day by a variety of industries and billions of consumers.

Excellence in the next generation of hardware

The Devices and Things Ecosystem (DTE) covers the 40 years of expertise of over 300 hardware researchers in specialized teams and over 100 project partner companies with the goal of creating innovations needed by future devices.


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Enablers for interconnected, sustainable world

Our interconnected world is increasingly complex and built on highly specialized hardware: devices, networks and services form the enabling foundation of future society and businesses. Thus, our cutting-edge research combined to our commercial partners innovations form a unique setting to deliver necessary technologies for everyday use globally.

University of Oulu

A hub with headquarter at University of Oulu

Devices and Things Ecosystems gathers researchers, ICT companies and customers to find solutions in full R&D spectrum from ICT materials, printed electronics, microelectronics to components, SoCs, chips, antennas, sensors and advanced electronics in future hardware modules and devices. Key areas are rapidly growing needs in 5G, 6G, smart cities, IoT services, and edge intelligence, used in multiple disciplines such as health, industry, automotive and energy.


The Microelectronics Research unit creates new electronic materials and solutions for Devices & Things; from materials science to manufacturing, from manufacturing to component and from component to application.

Optoelectronics and measurement technologies

Measured information is the key to solving global challenges and making the right decisions to increase well-being. High quality in-depth research of measurement technologies offers the most efficient solutions to acquire measured data.

Circuits and Systems

Circuits and Systems unit develop integrated circuits and electronic devices for optical sensing and future radio transceivers. Circuit design and electronics are playing and will continue to play an increasingly important role in our daily lives.

The Centre for Wireless Communications

The Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) consists of two research units: CWC Radio Technologies and CWC Networks & Systems organized to nine research groups. The CWC’s radio frequency engineering research group concentrates on various research aspects of radio engineering from RF architectures to antennas and integrated circuits including experimental setups from radio channels to RF transceivers.


Latest news from the Microelectronics Research unit, Optoelectronics and Measurement Technologies, Circuits and Systems, as well as The Centre for Wireless Communications.

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Our world-class research and education target core ICT areas of measuring, electronics and materials, 5G and 6G wireless communications, artificial intelligence, systems, software and experiences.